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Moodle for Teachers EVO18 



Do you want to use technology in your face-to-faces or fully online classes, but don't want your students to go all over the place? Do you want to have an online course with links to websites, discussions, activities, Youtube videos, and grades in one place? Do you want to award your students digital badges and certificates, then this session is for you.  M4TEVO18 session will take place on the latest Moodle 3.4.


Moodle for Teachers EVO18 (M4TEVO18) session will take place on the latest Moodle 3.4 (latest version). Participants will learn about resources, activities, and blocks available in a Moodle course as students and practice with the role of a teacher and manager of a courses. In weeks 4 and 5, they will work collaboratively to design and develop their own Moodle course. Participants will learn to create video tutorials using screencast-o-matic, Screencastify and Hippo (Chrome extensions) and SlideSpeech.  

Session Objectives


By the end of the workshop learners should be able to:

  • Manage & edit course settings

  • Manage enrollment methods and enroll users

  • Create and edit basic activities, resources, and use blocks 

  • Create video tutorials

  • Collaborate and engage with peers

  • Create a course in a Moodle course area using the tools

  • Receive 5 badges (weekly)


Target audience


  • Teachers of any subject or age groups
  • Anyone interested in developing and teach online courses for blended and/or fully online learning programs or the flipped classroom 




Weekly Content 



Week 1   (January  14-20, 2018)


Introduction and Orientation


Week 1 Introduction to M4TEVO18, Moodle layout and pedagogy, to the participants, and Screencast-o-matic and SlideSpeech video tutorial tools


  • Moodle as a platform designed for authentic learning and pedagogy of engagement.  

  • Interactive discussions as effective course design.

  • Introduction to Screencast-o-matic and SlideSpeech to create video tutorials

  • Learning and Teaching with Moodle

  • Learn to navigate a Moodle course, use the rich editor and record audio and video using PoodLL, navigate and update personal Moodle profile, and post to the online discussion forums.

  • Discuss the meaning of student engagement and brainstorm ideas for collaborative lessons and projects.

  • Choose the format for the course: fully online, blended, or flipped.



Week 2  (January 21-27, 2018)


Resources and Activities


In week 2, participants will receive teacher rights, so you can try out the resources and activities available in a Moodle course in theTeacher Practice Area (TPA). 


  • Compare the resources and activities in a Moodle course
  • Discuss the role of a teacher in the classroom and in a Moodle course 
  • Explore Moodle Tools in the Teacher Practice Area (TPA)
  • Document the resources available in the TPA by creating video tutorials using Screencast-o-matic and publishing them on Youtube and/or Vimeo 
  • Document the activities available in the TPA by creating video tutorials using Screencast-o-matic and publishing videos on Youtube and/or Vimeo. 



Week 3  (January 28 - February 3, 2018) 


Blocks on Moodle


In week 3, participants will receive rights as managers of a Moodle course and work on the blocks. They will practice in the Manager Practice Area (MPA).


  • Teaming up for the collaborative courses
  • Discuss the role of a manager of a school and in a Moodle course
  • Explore Moodle Tools in the Manager Practice Area (MPA)
  • Document the blocks available on Moodle in the main course area as a student.
  • Document the blocks available in the Manager practice area (MPA) as a manager of the course by showing how add blocks. 
  • Document Exabis e-Porfolio
  • Document Blog Block and adding an external blog



Week 4  (February 4-10, 2018)


Collaborative Course Design


In weeks 4 and 5, participants will work in teams to design a course. They will document the process using screencast-o-matic and publish the recording as a team on Youtube or Vimeo. 


Week 5  (February 11-17, 2018)


Showcase and Reflections


In week 5, participants will create videos to document their courses, reflect, and share them on Padlet and provide feedback using Flipgrid (video).


Session Communication Tools


Moodle 3.4, WizIQ (integrated into the Moodle course), screencast-o-matic, Screencastify, Hippo, SlideSpeech (PowerPoint), Google drive, Youtube, Vimeo, Flipgrid and Padlet


Potential Sponsors





Join this session


Registration starts on Jan 8, 2018. 


To join this group:


From January 8 :


  1. Go to: http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=88
  2. Log in the first and each time using one of the following: Facebook, Gmail, or LinkedIn 
  3. Enrol in http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=88 







Rosmery Ribera



I  hold a bachelor’s degree in English, two postgraduate online degrees from the University of Oregon, and is finishing a Master TESOL. I just changed jobs and I now work at Cambridge English Centre in Santa Cruz, I have written an E-Book about essay writing.I am proud to say that I have hosted and moderated several webinars and MOOCs. My teaching philosophy is rooted in being a lifelong learner. 

“I believe in learning as a way of living and teaching as a way of giving back to our community.”-


Nellie Deutsch nellie.muller.deutsch@gmail.com Canada EFL teacher and Moodle consultant/teacher trainer



Primary Contact: Nellie Deutsch



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