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Teacher, trainer, coach- developing the Business English Professional

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Teacher, trainer, coach- upskilling the Business English Professional






Do you want to change your role? Do you feel stifled as just a teacher? Are you starting to teach Business English?  Is your job becoming more that of a trainer or coach?  

Together with top practitioners in the field of Business English, teachers, trainers and coaches, we will help you to investigate those questions and give you some guidelines and ideas for  your own professional development. 



The course is aimed at all teachers  considering  working in this exciting area of ELT.

Teachers of Business English and English for Specific Purposes who are thinking about making changes in their teaching roles, as well as those who are interested in working in these areas in the future will benefit from our experts..



Week 1:Getting to know you - we will use Google+ to find out who the participants are and what they hope to achieve. 

Some of these sessions may be prerecorded, or contain a reading element, and will include tasks for completion. On completion of said tasks,   the end of the complete 5-week session will lead to a certificate of accomplishment, which can be used for CPD.


14-20 Jan. 2018 


The role of the Business English teacher and teacher development 

By the end of this session the participants will be able to evaluate the different between general ELT and Business English teachers, look at ways to find suitable material. This week will be very much a getting to know our participants and finding out their areas of expertise and developmental needs.


Marjorie Rosenberg

  • To look at the role of the Business English teacher today.

  • Generalist or specialist?  Is Business English different from General Teaching? Do we need to train to change direction?  Marjorie will look at the similarities and differences that take place in-house, or in the classroom. Is it better to have a speciality in today's world, or is being a general BE teacher enough? How can we adapt what we know already to maximise our own potential in the field.


Task: Why become a BE teacher?  Challenges and advantages.


At the end of the first week we will host a live session to meet as many of the participants as possible. This will take place on Iatefl's Adobe Connect site at 2.30 GMT on the Sunday Afternoon.



Week 2:

21-27 Jan. 2018 


Kirsten Waechter

    • The role of working in a multi-cultural environment

    • Sensitivity to other cultures

Kirsten is a specialist in working with multicultural teams and will look at the pitfalls of doing business without a sensitivity to cultural knowledge- not the stereotypical information, but genuine ways to avert disaster for your clients. The first session in the week will be live and then will be reading material with tasks.

Task:  Kirsten has prepared a set of worksheets which will be completed and then commented on in the online forum on Google+.


 Week 3:

28 Jan.-3 Feb. 2018 The role of the Business English Trainer and trainer development

This week will look at the difference between what is expected of a Business English teacher and that of a Business English trainer.

Gabrielle Jones

Gabrielle will offer a series of short video clips, one every other day,  each with a set task.

1.Setting up as a BE trainer. Can anyone be a trainer, or does it need special qualifications??  - Task- What are the advantages of becoming a Trainer, rather than a Teacher? Is there really a difference?

2.Setting up a Business English Programme. How do we carry out a Needs Analysis?  Task: The group want to study 7 areas of communication, but the course is only 5 weeks long. What do you include?

3. What functions do clients want to practise? What do we actually teach?  Task: How would you prepare to teach a topic which is new to you?



Week 4:4-10 Feb. 2018


Becoming a coach and useful coaching techniques

The participants will look at the differences between the teacher and the coach. As Business English teachers, we may need to change roles from time to time. We will look at best practice, led by an expert in the field.


Dana Pocklepovic

  • How is Coaching different from teaching

  • Some coaching techniques 


Dana is a qualified coach with vast experience in the field. She will explain the difference between the trainer, who imparts knowledge, and the coach, who leads the client to find their own solution. The tasks this week will be to comment on whether the role is switched between trainer and coach for most teachers, with participants sharing their own stories.



Technology to enhance your CPD and finding or developing BE materials

Olya Sergeeva

    • To try out ways of designing and developing materials to suit our business English clients´ needs. 


This will be an add on to week one, and week 3, as it corresponds with the idea of finding and adapting material to use.

Task: How to exploit a text for use in the classroom.



Week 5: 


11-17 Feb. 2018 Market yourself for success for freelance teachers and trainers

How to further develop skills and find supportive networks.

To explore the range of technological possibilities we can harness for CPD purposes.


Sue Annan

Task: Research organisations which offer development in your area and add them to a Google Plus spreadsheet, which will be shared by the participants.

These could be companies, conferences, TAs and National Associations.



Mercedes Deambosis Viola

Wrap Up: To develop a personal professional development plan.


At the beginning of week 5, we will have a wrap up session, to garner feedback for the future.


Finally, we will share the google doc complied by the participants, and will offer certificates to anyone who has completed most of the tasks each week.




  • Interactive space : Google Plus  : Teacher, trainer, coach. EVO 2018

  • Content space : PB works : besigevo2018.pbworks.com 

  • Live meeting space :  Adobe Connect.



Other technology tools: Google + will be used to register participants, and we are hoping that we can interest them in making short audioboo clips to introduce themselves


Suggested sponsor(s): 

IATEFL BEsig and affiliates, IATEFL, TESOL CALL.


To join this group:


From January 8th :


  1. Go to: https://plus.google.com/communities/

        2. Log in to Introductions and tell us a little about yourself , your teaching environment and what you hope to gain from the 5 weeks. 




Name (last, first)

Email address

Location (country of residence)

Biodata (not more than 50 words)  


Graciela Alcini



Graciela is an Argentinian teacher of English living in Mexico, with over 32 years' experience in universities and in-company courses. She holds a bachelor's degree in ELT and a Master's in Distance Education and she is also certified in Collaborative Learning. She works as a freelance Business English Trainer and runs CPD seminars.


Sue Annan


Jersey, Channel Islands

Sue Annan lives in Jersey, Channel Islands, and teaches English to both general and business students. She works in a private language school, but does some of her teaching in-company and online. Sue is a member of Iatefl Besig's online team, and  writes the summaries of the weekend webinars for the Besig magazine.


Gabrielle Jones



Gabrielle is a qualified language and communication trainer, with 17 years experience in  developing and delivering corporate language programmes internationally. She has spent the last 7 years in a leadership position in a  large language school where she has been responsible for client acquisition and key account management.

Dana Pocklepovic dana.pocklepovic@iatefl.org Argentina Dana is a certified coach, communication skills and BE trainer with 20 years of experience in Argentina and abroad. Her current interest is in interpersonal skills development through experiential learning and coaching tools. Dana is also Joint coordinator of IATEFL Besig.  
Pete Rutherford pete.rutherford@besig.org Germany Pete  is a business English and communication skills trainer from South Africa, now based in Germany. He is currently employed by a European language and communication training organisation, delivering personalised workshops and training courses to individuals and small groups.  
Marjorie Rosenberg marjorie.rosenberg@iatefl.org Austria  Marjorie is coming to the end of her term of office as Vice President of IATEFL. She has taught BE for many years at the University of Graz, Austria and in -house. A materials writer and conference speaker of note, we  are lucky to have her onboard.   
Mercedes Viola mercedes.viola@besig.org Uruguay   Mercedes holds an MA in Tesol. She is in charge of  designing business English learning experiences for government owned offices, universities and many well-known global companies, and trains new teachers in business. She is an expert in online training and is a valued member of the IATEFL team and Besig online team.  
Kirsten Waechter kirsten.waechter@besig.org Germany

Kirsten has been teaching business English, communication and cross cultural awareness for almost 20 years. Based in Germany, she provides teacher training and creates her own material.  Most of her work is delivered as in company training, online and blended course and workshops.



Olya Sergeeva olyaelt@gmail.com Russia 

Olya Sergeeva is a business English trainer and CELTA trainer based in Russia. She did her Delta specializing in business English. For the past four years she's worked in company delivering business English courses and overseeing professional development of a team of BE trainers 


She has a British Council ELTons nomination (2017). She blogs and shares some of her materials at http://eltgeek.wordpress.com/



Sue Annan  





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