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Session Title:   Are You a Fair Tester?






Are you responsible for setting monthly and annual exams? Does this cause you a lot of stress? What tools do you use to help you? Join us to find out about successful and practical online and offline tools that can ease your mission!! 


Target audience:  English Teachers, Supervisors, Examiners 



Session objectives:  By the end of this session, the audience would be able to:


                                    a.  set clear objectives for tests

                                    b.  understand how to form fair tests 

                                    c.  analyse test items and use them as assessment tools 

                                    d.  use online apps to help make tests easier 




Week 1:  Get introduced to each other and get an introduction about the general plan of the sessions and its outcome. Then we will start with test analysis to discuss the following questions:

**Why are you giving an exam to your Students?

** What do you want to assess?

** How do you decide what to test and how to test it?

 Applications will be done on a number on the exercises attached (A comprehension passage +3 exercises - uploaded). An assignment will be given to choose test items and apply what has been discussed during the introductory session to them. Giant Pandas by Guy Belleranti.docx

Assignment:  Prepare a test along the lines discussed 


14-20 Jan. 2018


Week 2:  The homework assignment is to be checked and revised. With more applications we will discuss: important points to be set in mind when making tests:1) Important points to keep in mind   2) How should the students know about the marking criteria.  Later on, the process of .Correction Criteria/Rubrics are to be discussed and applied. Samples of rubrics are to be introduced and analysed (uploaded).  Assignment: teachers will be asked to prepare a correction rubrics for more than one lesson. 



21-27 Jan. 2018


Week 3:   The homework assignment is to be checked and revised. With more applications (uploaded) we will discuss: How to turn exam questions into Assessment exercises? Why is this important and how to benefit from it in helping students develop their learning. How can we support student failure?  Assignment: Choose a number of exam questions, analyse them and state their points of assessment.  short-stories-little-red-riding-hood-worksheet.pdf


28 Jan.-3 Feb. 2018


Week 4:  The homework assignment is to be checked and revised. After summing up the assessment process and its divisions, we will start working on two online apps: Quizalize Quizlet that will help teachers make tests much easier.  A similar assignment for application is to be given for next week.

4-10 Feb. 2018


Week 5:  After checking and discussing the homework assignments, a wrap up of all the sessions is to be discussed and important points are to be tackled. Time would be set for Q & A.  

11-17 Feb. 2018


Media:  WIZIQ  and Moodle 



Join this session


Registration starts on Jan 8, 2018. 


To join this group:


From January 8 :


  1. Go to: http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=136
  2. Log in the first and each time using one of the following: Facebook, Gmail, or LinkedIn 
  3. Enrol in https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=136  



                                         "Teacher Education" Tesol Interest Section would be suitable for this course 



Name (last, first)

Email address

Location (country of residence)

Biodata (not more than 50 words)  


Aya EL Wakil 



Aya is a 3D character animator and Community Coordinator at Maha ESL Community. She is a graduate of Faculty of Arts, English Dept. 



Maha Hassan 



Maha Hassan is the Founder/Ceo of Maha ESL Community, Teacher Trainer and Head of English Dept. at the Arab Academy for Training Technology. She has presented at a number of International Conferences including IATEFL,  K12 Online Conference, TD SIG IATEFL, Nile Tesol , LIF (Language in Focus), Global Education Online Conference as well as at Reinventing the Classroom, Learning Revolution Online Conferences, MMCV7 & 8.  She also had a number of papers published on Howtolearn.com , IATEFL Voices, Pilgrims and Nile Tesol Newsletter. She also blogs on: teachingenglishcafe.blogspot.com/



Maha Hassan - maha.professionaltrainer@gmail.com 






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